Nov 28, 2007

Herbert Baglione "VOSSIA" | Fifty24SF Books

FIFTY24SF Books: "Vossia" by Herbert Baglione - Sao Paulo's Herbert Baglione has become one of the premier fine artists hailing from South America. "Vossia", his first book collection, covers all the genres that Baglione works in: painting, mural, graffiti , installations, and street art. With his distinct black and white characters, and deeply philosophical meaning to each of his work's, Baglione's first hardcover collection is surely just the beginning of a long-standing career.

Upper Playground


ÔRGANIZA said...

Ai sim heinm mano!!
deve ta foda o livro..
parabens por mais essa conquista.

alexandre said...

um brutal 2xx8


saner said...

wwoooowww, mr. herbert un honor encontrar su book, la verdad me gusta mucho tu trabajo.

felicidades por todo